2009 Noorabad State University

Associate Degree in Automotive Mechanics

2013Nariz University

Bachelor of Fluids Engineering

2014Gerash State University

Bachelor of Operating Room Technology

2023Bushehr University

• Master's degree in general psychology

International documents

Clients in hair transplantation

Hair transplantation


Beard and mustache transplantation


Eyebrow transplantation


PRP injection


رضایت مراجعین

کاشت مو




روانشناسی طراحی بین المللی

شناسه عضویت: 1234
19 خرداد 1396

روانشناسی طراحی بین المللی

شناسه عضویت: 1234
19 خرداد 1396

Has an international hair transplant training certificate in 2019 with registry code 2967323196 from DNW UK

Has an international certificate for working on skin and therapeutic devices and injections in 2019 with registry code 2967323195 from DNW England

Received international quality control certificate in 2015

Has a certificate of principles and basics of design from the Industrial Management Company

Has a certificate of design of mechanical building facilities

Has a certificate of a comprehensive course of drawing and modeling parts

Establishment of the company in the UAE in 2022

Sports records

First place in the province in Jit Kondo Kali Eskrima style

3rd person in the country in Jeet Kondo Kali Eskrima style


Investigating the relationship between emotional dysphoria and cognitive regulation of emotion among people who refer to cosmetic surgery centers in Shiraz

Comparison of stress and job expectations, support of colleagues and work-life balance of teachers, nurses and journalists in Shiraz

Tools designed to assess children's development: a systematic review

The role of self-efficacy and computer anxiety in predicting the academic performance of secondary school students in Shiraz

Awareness and Social Engineering-Based Cyberattacks

Cosmetic surgery: a blade for beauty or a window to self-confidence?

The role of resilience and communication skills in predicting marital life satisfaction of working women in cosmetic surgery centers in Shiraz


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